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Green Planet

About Greened Planet

This is a project on planting specific fruit trees in Western Kenya to combat low immunity against diseases, the damage caused by COVID19 like unemployment and loss of livelihood. The aspect of gender inclusion and equality is the blueprint of participation through this sustainable initiative that will assist communities have better market for the already highly demanded fruits across the country.

The project intends to educate from young to old, men and women on successful fruit tree growing. This project initiative has been named the GREENED PLANET INITIATIVE by Jijenge Two Fifty four Association.

Year Fruit Production

Through data information research on fruit trees across the world, data on rainfall patterns and the good tropical climate in Western Kenya, Fruit trees as a nature based solution will comprehensively solve the biggest problem across the country, Unemployment (Livelihood sustenance) and community Health.

Why Greened Planet?

The Greened Planet initiative will unite communities through planting of fruit trees in public amenities like schools, Hospitals, Churches and Mosques. These trees will provide free fruit to hospitals, students and greenery to Western Kenya urban environments.

Greened Planet Project Initiative

Greened Planet Solutions

Building Health

Build communities health status, immune system that is resilient to flu’s and other diseases.

Profit-making Enterprises

Fruit tree Nurseries are new and innovative profit-making enterprises.

Employment Creation

Diversifying the rural economy and creating employment.

Diversifying Diets

Diversifying diets and contributing to public health across country and to alleviate poverty.

The type of trees that will nourish in western part of Kenya

The Chosen Fruit trees

Mango Tree

Cultivar : Peach Mango, Karutha Colomban, Mwembe (Swahili)

Mango is a medium to large-sized tree with a big, dense crown, growing to a height of about 15 m.

Avocado Tree

(Persea americana) Mparachichi; Avocado mafuta (Swahili)

A rapidly-growing tree or shrub that normally grows up to 20 m tall and lives for about 50 years.

Orange Tree

Cultivar : The Pixie Orange Tree, Mchungwa (Swahili)

In Western Kenya area, orange fruits are ready for harvest mainly from September and October.