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Jijenge Specific Objects

  1. Assisting members to acquire and develop skills, techniques know-how, and knowledge to start and or run their business.
  2. To provide a package of non-financial assistance and support to its members in form of training, counseling, and any activities which would impart managerial capacity and skills.
  3. Create a youth-friendly environment/net-work where youths can come together and creatively discuss at length issues affecting their growth missed opportunities and how best to partner with concerned authorities on how to creatively better the situation.
  4. To promote the social welfare of its members.
  5. Protection, representation of the interests of the members
  6. Promotion in conjunction with others of an environment conducive to the development of a vibrant informal sector at the local level and in the Republic of Kenya
  7. Organize communication platforms where youths from all sectors will come and hold meaningful conversations aimed at bettering their lives.
  8. Plan and implement community-based projects that will keep the youths actively involved in communal welfare.
  9. Partner with other organizations to achieve our objectives or with like-minded projects for example in civic education; drug abuse awareness campaigns; entrepreneurship and so forth as long as it empowers youths positively.

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