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Membership Rules

  1. Everybody who subscribes to the purpose of the Association and makes financial contributions on regular basis can become a sustaining member. Sustaining members are not allowed to vote. (must vote if paying any fees)Honorary members are proposed and named by the Association. The honorary members are not linked to financial liabilities and don’t have a right to vote. They can engage in sensible organizational objectives.
  2. Every individual who is a least aged 18 and who has proven in the past to have actively supported the aim of the Association in their functions and make a financial contribution on a regular basis can become a full and voting member.
  3. The application for admission has to be in writing.
  4. The Association will then decide on the application for admission.
  5. That one becomes a member upon payment of registration fee and annual membership fee which will be fixed by the General Meeting and being reviewed from time to time.




Membership and Governance

The association shall have three types of membership.

  1. Sustaining members – these are non-voting members by virtue of regular
    donations or payment of an annual membership fee of Kshs. 2000 to the
  2. Full members – These are voting members by the virtue of payment of
    membership/registration fee of Ksh. 500 and a monthly contribution of Kshs. 200 to the
  3. Honorary members – this membership is nominated by the Association.